Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Art

Well those of you that know my family will remember that

Snow + Tally + Paul (my Dad) = Art.

Here are the latest editions

I know that you are all trying to remember the name of the character!

Still not remembered yet?

Yes they are lollipops

 That's it you remember now - its - Nero

And this is?

 Danger Mouse

Then I was inspired  by pipe cleaners -or as Georgie says chanelle sticks (sorry can't spell it)

another version of Nero

Snow Nero had his antenna stolen, we saw them go.
Hope the couple enjoyed them!

So after the night cruise Paul made him new ones.

All this was inspired by 

Paul's Birthday present
A set of Danger Mouse DVDs
I am enjoying them lots

As it is forecast for more snow
There might be more snow art soon.


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