Monday, 31 December 2012

12 Tags 2012 - December

Well its that time again to do my Tag or should I say tags for the December Challenger.  I only missed out the first tag last February as Mum had to debate if I could have a blog for my art.

Its been a little crazy around here and have started a couple of days ago and just finished.  I do keep getting interrupted by life etc. and waiting for paint to day!

For full details of the challenge head over to Tim Holtz's blog site by pressing here

Tag 1
Christmas Tree

Lots of technique in these tags.
Started with one side of a Christmas tree shaped card, out of the stash.

Then sprayed it with Glitter and shine.
Decided it needed a trunk and pot.  
The trunk was coloured with Distress Markers.
Next a big debate on decoration for the tree.
Georgie taught Mum and me how to put in eyelets for the baubles.
Just far too many laughs were had. 


Mum had some very fine glitter ribbon and Georgie donated the garland that looked like the Christmas lights.
The star on the top is one of Mums stash of beaded bits she makes from time to time.
Oh it is great to have two stashes to raid.

Tag 2
Bear and Snow Scene

Started with hand drawn bear.
Next add a Distressed ink tag.
Then mixed some white acrylic paint with impasto gel and iridescent medium to give the snow texture.
Left to dry over night.
Once dry I gave detail to the snowman.
Raised the bear up on  foam pads.
Then made a hat with ribbon.
A little Glossy accent for the eyes, snow flakes and snowman's nose.

Oh and every bear needs a tail.

Hope you like.

Thank you for visiting and have a great crafty New Year



  1. It looks like you guys had a great time while making these adorable tags! Have a Happy New Year!!

  2. Hi Tally what a great job you have done on your tags. I wonder if you are Tim's youngest participant? I am so glad you remembered to use a mat to protect your table when you punched the holes in your tag - looks like you need to eat more spinach! Happy New Year!


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