Sunday, 29 April 2012

Snow Art

We had great fun skiing this Easter Holiday in Finland.  
Part of every ski holiday is the making of snow bears.

This year we started off planning the whole of

the Peanuts gang.  But only managed a few of the characters.

Snow conditions were almost perfect for snow character building.

The snow can be to cold to stick together in Finland, but Dad is an expert in degrading it enough to mould. 

This year we didn't have too it was straight into the fun.

Very expensive modelling tools were used, dinner knife came in handy.
(not too sharp have to remember the safety issue - thanks mum for the reminder!)


More expensive tools used, the dust pan.  Schroder in the making.

Then it snowed

and snowed some more.

Then some more, Woodstocks nose almost reached the ground.

Over the holiday there was many different bunnies 

Then it rained and rained.

Needing a few repairs.  Snow not good for building new characters.

We lost Woodstock and Schroder they were under the drips of the balcony.

Time to say good bye to Snoopy

Mum let the back door shut, had to exit via the slide route.
Another game played how many places can I find to slide.

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