Monday, 31 December 2012

12 Tags 2012 - December

Well its that time again to do my Tag or should I say tags for the December Challenger.  I only missed out the first tag last February as Mum had to debate if I could have a blog for my art.

Its been a little crazy around here and have started a couple of days ago and just finished.  I do keep getting interrupted by life etc. and waiting for paint to day!

For full details of the challenge head over to Tim Holtz's blog site by pressing here

Tag 1
Christmas Tree

Lots of technique in these tags.
Started with one side of a Christmas tree shaped card, out of the stash.

Then sprayed it with Glitter and shine.
Decided it needed a trunk and pot.  
The trunk was coloured with Distress Markers.
Next a big debate on decoration for the tree.
Georgie taught Mum and me how to put in eyelets for the baubles.
Just far too many laughs were had. 


Mum had some very fine glitter ribbon and Georgie donated the garland that looked like the Christmas lights.
The star on the top is one of Mums stash of beaded bits she makes from time to time.
Oh it is great to have two stashes to raid.

Tag 2
Bear and Snow Scene

Started with hand drawn bear.
Next add a Distressed ink tag.
Then mixed some white acrylic paint with impasto gel and iridescent medium to give the snow texture.
Left to dry over night.
Once dry I gave detail to the snowman.
Raised the bear up on  foam pads.
Then made a hat with ribbon.
A little Glossy accent for the eyes, snow flakes and snowman's nose.

Oh and every bear needs a tail.

Hope you like.

Thank you for visiting and have a great crafty New Year


Friday, 30 November 2012

12 Tags 2012 - November

Being a little pushed for time this month Tally managed to draw/colour her tag in 10 minutes after 3 failed attempts. It was speed taging.  I think it is Autumn at night, not sure the bird and the little hedgehog in the leaves stand out very well on the photo.

Oh to be young again and life is filled with fun, and lots of ice skating and more ice skating, practice for the local ice ring Christmas show and then for the synco team.  So while she goes to Brownies I get to upload the tag.

Less of the rambling, here is Tally's November tag for the Tim Holtz challenge

Autumn at Night.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

12 Tags 2012 - October

Another month passes swiftly
Here is my October tag for the Tim Holtz's, 12 Tags of 2012 challenge details can be found here.

Both Mum and I used the same stamp again  from  the Stampendous range. The glitter we used Stickles instead of making our own colour. Then a little of my own art work.  The bats and spider are from a cheap bag of Halloween table confetti.  It was hard to show the glitter in the photos.

Thank you for visiting.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

12 Tags 2012 - September

2nd wise owl.

While Tally's sleeping I have a quite hour to up load this months Tim Holtz tags press here to see how he did his.  (and to talk about Tally).  Tally has used the same stamp as is on my tag, but wow are they different.

Using the Stampendous steampunk owl, she embossed the out lines using the owl printed on thin paper, then filled in the detail free hand. The colour was added with Pro markers.

There was a discussion re words, which went along the lines.

Brown is good, but orange is better.

However she likes it just the way it is.

We have photographed it several times and depending on the light the colours look very different so have shown a few options here. 

Thank you for visiting 

Tally and Dorrie

Friday, 31 August 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - August.

Hi, here is my take on the Tim Holtz Tag for August.  Press here is you would like to find out more.

This months theme was a silhouette, mum set out the Cricut machine, we cut out lots of items we could use as a silhouette.  I finally chose the caterpillars, and sat them on a leaf.

The picture is not at the best, but we do not have time to wait for day light, as it would no longer be August!

Not my favourite art work but hope you like it.

Thank you for visiting


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

12 Tags of 2012 July

Well I just made it, here is my take on the Tim Holtz 2012 Tag for July see here for full details.

I did start my tag mid July, but never really liked it, so started again today in record time of under an hour simple and sweet.

Hope you like it. I used the blowing with straw method, not quite strong enough to control the can of air.
I was going to use an owl, but mum did not bring the required stamp home from the shop!!!!!  So after a  quick stamping of my feet, I went to see what was in the stash at home. I used Penny Black stamps and the word imagine.  Just imagine a mouse sending flowers to a cat!

Friday, 29 June 2012

12 Tags 2012 - June

Below is my tag for the June Tim Holtz 2012 tag challenge, press here for full details if you want to join in.

Had great fun tinting the black and white photos.  Mum printed lots of photos out so we could play.  I like this one of me about a week old.  My white patterned sleep suit, (Mum says) now looks like a teddy bear.  I used vintage photo and marmalade blended/applied with a fine dry paint brush.  I also used distress inks on the background papers. Tried to keep it simple, hope you like.


Thursday, 31 May 2012

12 Tags 2012 - May

Just made it before the end of May.

Below is my take on the Tim Holtz tag challenge for May.

Serving Girl.

The stamped dress reminded my of Cinderella's rags dress, so I made it into a serving girl.

We never quite managed to get the melt pot out of it box for the flowers, but I like them just as they are.

Thank you for visiting.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

April 12 Tags of 2012

Here is my April tag for the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2012 Challenger press here for the link to it if you want to join in the fun.

Had great fun with the embossing folders/dies, they had not been out for a while. I now understand how to stamp on the folder and it end up on tag, I used Tim Holtz's world map instead of words. 
We also cut the flowers and ladybird (ladybug to those of you in the USA)
Glossy accented the detail in the leaves and embossed the ladybird (responsible adult did that bit, thanks mum).  Printed the word off on the computer.

Hope you like, thanks for visiting my tag.


Snow Art

We had great fun skiing this Easter Holiday in Finland.  
Part of every ski holiday is the making of snow bears.

This year we started off planning the whole of

the Peanuts gang.  But only managed a few of the characters.

Snow conditions were almost perfect for snow character building.

The snow can be to cold to stick together in Finland, but Dad is an expert in degrading it enough to mould. 

This year we didn't have too it was straight into the fun.

Very expensive modelling tools were used, dinner knife came in handy.
(not too sharp have to remember the safety issue - thanks mum for the reminder!)


More expensive tools used, the dust pan.  Schroder in the making.

Then it snowed

and snowed some more.

Then some more, Woodstocks nose almost reached the ground.

Over the holiday there was many different bunnies 

Then it rained and rained.

Needing a few repairs.  Snow not good for building new characters.

We lost Woodstock and Schroder they were under the drips of the balcony.

Time to say good bye to Snoopy

Mum let the back door shut, had to exit via the slide route.
Another game played how many places can I find to slide.